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No matter found in Korea’s national soybean paste or in France’s national cheese, humankind has testified to the exceptional role that active Lactobacillus ferment plays in revolutionizing skin care, preventing diseases, boosting immune system and increasing longevity.

Among global top cosmetic brands, OMM is first to propose the idea of incorporating bioactive Lactobacillus into skincare products. Since the start of this century until today, OMM has never ceased advancing and researching in the science of Lactobacillus skin care.

OMM made huge capital investment in R & D. Cooperating with Kolmar Korea and top international skincare research teams, through incessant scientific studies and repetitive experiments, OMM has succeeded in extracting a strain of Lactobacillus that is similar to what mothers pass to babies during natural delivery.

Active Lactobacillus is shown to effectively boost the performance of skincare products by supporting their core functions. Simultaneously, it strengthens skin immunity and forms a protective film of healthy flora, offering solutions that target skin issues from the root.


It is sourced from a sea depth of 605 meter off the coast of Korea’s Gangwon-do. Originating from the Artic Greenland, the water flowing towards the East Sea contains precious minerals preserved for thousands of years and is able to deliver endless moisture to keep skin dryness at bay.

Not only is seawater at 605m deep almost sterile, the use of Sole-Water-Intake Technology also assures clean and safe water quality. With a mineral composition similar to that found in fetal amniotic fluid, it provides balance in essential minerals and relieves signs of sensitive skin.

Rich in magnesium, calcium, potassium, zinc, manganese, selenium and other essential minerals; 16x higher mineral composition than regular mineral water; balanced nutrition to effectively treat skin sensitivity.

Minerals found in deep sea water are inorganic and ionized, resulting in higher and faster skin absorption rate and promoting skin metabolism.