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Fresh Ferment

The ferment Actions

Active yeasts ferment cells back to life through symbiosis with Lactobacillus, acting as ‘trash scavenger’ to eliminate toxic cell waste and stimulating absorption of nutritive substances.

Inspired by our world

Through Plant stem cells

Inspired by the field of cosmic anthropology in space science and technology, the Galaxy Luxury series contains plant stem cells - seeds of life that can effectively regenerate and repair matured cells, restoring youthful vitality to aging skin.

Key to radiating charm

And dashing good looks

Designed specifically for men, with a focus to rejuvenate the skin by restoring calm, moisture and nutrients to the skin. Without compromising in delivering strength.

See to be impressed


I tried their Make Up Series for 2 weeks, works awesome so far! Would love to get their other range as well!

Valery Chia
Aug 2017

I have very sensitive skin, and been using other products; it hasn't been great. With OMM, the results seem to speak for itself. My skin seems to be able to accept it!

Mimi Loo
May 2018

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Chia Wen Wen
Nov 2018

Not sure about this brand at first, but seems like it worked like a charm! Well worth the risk and shot.

Soo Quen
Sep 2017